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Tim Kennedy

CDIA is pleased to announce our key note speaker, Tim Kennedy, an active Green Beret, former MMA fighter, law enforcement trainer and founder of Sheepdog Response, will talk about “The Purpose of Pain.”


Tim will lead a discussion on how to become faster, stronger, and ultimately, harder to kill. He will explore how training, sleep, work, recovery, and sex can all compliment each other and help individuals achieve peak performance in their field. He will discuss how individuals can fully utilize the cornerstones within their own lives that can make them the best version of themselves, the fundamentals of a warrior. Career military and police officers will come across a moment when they have to make a life or death decision – whether it is their own life or of someone else. That moment will be a culmination of millions of small decisions that lead to an individual’s success or failure in that split second. Tim is driven to ensure the men and women making these decisions have the tools needed for a successful outcome.

Tim Kennedy head shot1 (002).jpg