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The mission of the Colorado Drug Investigators Association is to unite peace officers and other professionals who share a common interest in drug enforcement, in a collaborative effort to reduce the supply and demand of illicit drugs and illegally diverted legal drugs by providing quality training, open information exchange and speaking with one voice in support of effective legislation.

CDIA Mission Statement 

and Purpose 

Executive Board and Support Staff

             2024 CDIA Executive Board
           President                                  Matt Stoneberger           
           Vice President                        
Michael Wright              
e Director                 Ray Padilla                      
               Regional Vice Presidents and Chairpersons
           Region 1 Vice President        Brian Rumbaugh           
           Region 1 Chairperson            Matt Brewer                     

           Region 2 Vice President        Victor Galarza                 
          Region 2 Chairperson             Vacant     
          Region 3 Vice President         Shelby Beck                     
          Region 3 Chairperson             Vito DelCore                    
          Region 4 Vice President         Dan Bontz                         
          Region 4 Chairperson             Rob Knab                          

5 Vice President         Brian Jeffers                    
          Region 5 Chairperson             Joe Ryan Hartley              
                              Support Staff/Coordinators
         Secretary                                     Irma DiFelice                   
         Treasurer                                     Sandra Evans                   
         Training Coordinator              Jeremy Wicht                         
         At-Large Member                      Alan Breneman                 


The Colorado Drug Investigators Association strives to make real and positive change in the community. This is one of our key areas of focus here at the Colorado Drug Investigators Association, and a source of much success for our Non-Profit Organization. This could not happen without the commitment of the Executive Board and Support Staff who all volunteer their time to make the Colorado Drug Investigators Association a success.

Support for Colorado

The State of Colorado is divided into 5 distinct regions as indicated on this map. Each region has a Vice President and Regional Chairperson who monitor drug related issues in their region and relays those concerns to the executive board.  Sharing the State of Colorado with multiple Vice Presidents and Chairpersons allows for greater information sharing, networking and resource allocation.

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